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Thook Amma Baby Hip Carrier
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Thook Amma baby hip carrier that allows you to carry your baby on your hip, with a seat that supports their weight and a strap that goes around your waist. It can be used from around 6months to 3.5 years for babies depending on the size and weight of the baby. Also from 0-6 months, Thook Amma can be used as breastfeeding support. 

To use the Thook Amma baby hip carrier, you need to adjust the strap to fit snugly around your waist and above your hips- Please make sure to wear it high at the waist ( above belly button ). Then, you need to place your baby on the seat, facing you or outwards, depending on their age and preference. You must always use one hand to support their back or hold their hand while the other hand is free during usage.


Thook Amma Baby carrier is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and safety for your baby and yourself. It has a padded seat with excellent grip and posture . Now ,you can walk longer and better with this carrier that supports your body and well-being.


Thook Amma helps to reduce shoulder and back pain by distributing the baby's weight evenly . It is a good option for parents who want to keep their baby close and have their hands free, while also allowing the baby to see more of their surroundings.


We use buckles that have a locking mechanism that prevents the buckle from opening accidentally. It provides a strong and reliable connection that can withstand tension and pressure. We provide 3 Layers of security for fastening mechanisms.

Thook Amma hip carriers have additional features, such as detachable  purse with a sling,  pockets, loops, holders that can help you store your essentials or attach toys or bottles for your baby and this can be carried like a back pack using convertible sling.  




What is the weight limit for the Thook Amma hip carrier ?


Thook Amma hip carrier can be used from around 6months to 3.5 years for babies weighing upto 18 kg . Also , from 0-6 months, this can be used as breastfeeding support. 


How long is the waistband and will it fit for everyone ? 

Our waistband is 45 inches long and It will fit for those with a 42-inch waist or smaller.

We have an option for an extension belt which is sold separately and it allows you to add up to 24 inches in length to the waistband.


What are the different carry positions ? 

This can be used in 4 carry positions ranging from newborn to 36 months. Please make sure to wear it high at the waist ( above belly button ) and buckle it tight for the most comfortable position. 

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Hi paavay team, I'm using Thook amma since few days. I feel comfortable to carry my baby. First of all the packing was too good. The quality of the material is strong and excellent. Most amazing part is when not in use, it can be folded as a bag and carried easily. Worth buying.
- Preethi
Posted On: 15-11-2023T15:48:00
Really liked the quality of it and pretty happy with our Thook APPA. So its thook appa for us..
- Sruthi
Posted On: 24-11-2023T16:55:00
Hi paavay team, currently I am living in NC,USA. My mom brought it and I wrote the brand new "Thook Amma" baby carrier, it was really good of both baby and mother. Previously I ordered another company baby carrier which is was not satisfied with the belt. It was so uncomfortable for me and baby did not sit on it for few minutes. I returned that product and ordered your product. I am very satisified with this product.
- Preethiga
Posted On: 17-11-2023T09:56:00
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